Capital Pathways

Capital Pathways Business Development Program

Connecting Women and Minorities in Business with the Capital Pathways Program.

Capital Pathways is a national campaign that includes physical business development workshops in 10 major U.S. cities. The program also includes webinars, satellite programs, and events.
My role includes creating content, driving online conversions, tracking analytics, ad campaigns, branding, and other related functions. This involves designing video, graphics, templates, social media content, social media outreach and strategy, social scheduling with Hootsuite and more. Regional promotion and targeting is an important emphasis, with the workshops needing to be populated with registrants. Currently, Capital Pathways offers satellite entrepreneur programs, a webinar series, networking events, education programs, and more. My work with Capital Pathways is ongoing and I accredit my production team and any planning committees that have been involved for their role.
Role: Copywrite, Brand Development, Graphic/Digital Design, Campaign Manager, Social Media Marketing, Publishing, Ad Campaigns
Agency: [K+] DIGITAL


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