Millennial Entrepreneurs Redefined

Millennial Entrepreneurs Redefined Business Development Programm

Connecting Young Women and Minority Entrepreneurs with business development resources.

Company Orverview:

The Millennial Entrepreneurs Redefined program provides resources to start-ups and small businesses run by millennial entrepreneurs. This program connects a national network of minority entrepreneurs to information, capital, investment opportunities, a network of experienced entrepreneurs and more. With a model that infuses local partnerships and outreach, M.E.R. aims to highlight home-grown start-up founders and CEOs, as well as promote inter-generational connections for collective economic growth and empowerment.
Millennial Entrepreneurs Redefined is funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency’s Broad Agency Announcement.
Role: Copywrite, Brand Development, Graphic/Digital Design, Campaign Manager, Social Media Marketing, Publishing, Ad Campaigns, Youtube Channel Publishing
Agency: [K+] DIGITAL


Atlanta Workshop

Detroit Workshop

Washington, DC Workshop

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